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Brenda (she/her), 20.


Im so tired of white people’s racist bullshit.

Hi! I was wondering If you could put together post about how white people can truly use their privilege and check their internalized racism in order to be good allies to PoC. I know I, along with almost every other white person, is very ignorant of how to actually do those things. Thank you!!
- Anonymous

No. It is not my job to educate my oppressors. You don’t want to continue to be ignorant? Then take some damn responsibility and learn for your damn self. Ya’ll way too used to getting everything handed on a fucking silver platter

so i wanna thank you for being a wonderful person & you have no idea how an inspo you are for me as a young poc (i'm mexican) & when i see your selfies on my dash i get all excited cause i don't see that often in real life cause it's just white girls
- Anonymous

Dios mío I’m gonna cry because I feel this in my bones. Really muchísimas gracias, you are everything. Never forget we are important, we are powerful, we are beautiful, we are intelligent, we are valid, no matter how much we are told we are not, WE ARE.

First I'd like to say I'm "brown." I'm not some white girl talking about something she doesn't know. When I was younger I used to wish my skin was lighter and that I had blonde hair and blue eyes. Although I do agree with your argument, I don't think you should defend the comment "brown girls rule the world." If people want equality, they need to stop saying things like that. Instead it just looks like a competition. Thanks for taking the time to read my rant <3
- analjerky


With all due respect, your being brown doesn’t make your opinion any more valid a criticism of what I said than a White person’s would be, in that my statement was based completely on my experience and viewpoint. I respect your stance, but it doesn’t change mine any more than the other girl I responded to has.

You cannot have equality when the issue of the already-present inequalityis not addressed. If you Google Image “beautiful women” you will see virtually nothing but White women. Magazines “Most Beautiful” lists are generally dominated by White people, eg. People Magazine named Lupita Nyong’o “Most Beautiful Person” this year, which makes her only the thirdBlack woman to get this title in twenty-five years. The other two were Halle Berry (2003) and Beyoncé Knowles (2008). Other lists of “beautiful”, “hot”, “sexy” people almost always leave out objectively attractive people of color in favor of White people or White-passing people of color who are heralded as “better” than those with non-European features because they are able to adhere to the supremacist views of beauty we have absorbed into our current society.

It is not about competition, it’s about young brown people being able to know they fucking rock whether mainstream media is willing to admit it or not. It’s about giving young brown people the self esteem necessary to avoid demolishing their natural beauty because they want to look more White, because they associate Whiteness with beauty. If you want to talk about inequality, talk about how “average” looking White women and people in general get heralded as super attractivebased on their Whiteness, while some of the most stunning people of color are still put down for their appearances because of their skin tones, their eye shapes, their nose shapes, their body shapes. Talk about how we celebrate Whiteness constantly in real-world situationsand nobody bats an eyelash, but the moment someone on Tumblr says something like “brown girls rule the world” or “Black women are beautiful” or “people of color are gorgeous” it’s suddenly an issue that people have pride in their beauty and aren’t “including” White people.

When thatgets addressed, then yes, I’ll gladly stop defending people’s comments like the one from yesterday, because once we’re equal there isn’tneed to make those statements. Until then, I will use my last breath to defend young brown people’s right to feel good about themselves, period.

- Anonymous

Thank u! I hella live for that eyeliner and lipstick